Tuesday, December 29, 2015

You know you want to play guitar around the campfire. You know you do! If you've been putting it off because you think it will take too long to learn you are at the right place. With twenty five years of teaching behind me I know exactly how to get you playing your favorite songs in twenty hours or less. Why twenty hours? Good question! See the link to the right for more information on that --->

In addition to using the principles from the 20 Hours theory, I offer two other methods that guarantee you'll learn faster:

  • Group classes. This is the very best way for students to learn beginning and intermediate guitar. Many advanced students also appreciate group learning - they just refer to it as a jam session!
  • Chords. There are thousands of guitar chords. Maybe you've seen them online or in books - page after page of chords. It would be a daunting task to learn even half of them, frustrating for even the most diligent. Did you know that many of the famous songs in the world consist of only three chords? Or less? (For a list of some popular favorites, see the link to the right -->

    On your first day of class I'll teach you three chords. In fact, I'll teach you as many chords as you'd like. But with three you'll be able to play a whole trove of songs. You'll take them home, practice, return the next week, learn three chords (or more), a new set of songs and repeat the process once more. At that point you will have completed your twenty hours and can call yourself a guitar player!

Contact me for scheduling and class times. Private lessons are also offered on a limited basis.

Laura Davis
storynetwork @ gmail dot com

Looking forward to meeting you!